christmas is my time to be thankful for the people that i love and will love. for the wonderful souls who somehow touched my life in any way. and if you see your name in my postie. YOU OWE ME SOME COFFEE! hahaha! kidding! if there's one thing i regret is losing some "friend" if she is really a friend. but no use crying over spilled caffeine. im sure i'd stumble on some new friends along the way. ^_^
happy christmas everyone!

lonely caffeine

it's been too long since i wrote here and made a postie.
i whizzed through the job orders and found myself with a handful of hours to kill and no boss to boot! great! i was talking to tabs and made me realized that i cant remember the last time i saw my friends -- its house-work-gym-house routine for me lately (well, blame the fact that im also broke!).
hmm, whats been happening? i just watched Flags of our Fathers over the weekend and cram for a design. its pathetic, i know. im supposed to have coffee with sylverlyt but things happened and that plans went pifft!
sigh. tabs and kitty, you HAVE to see me soon! hehehe! :)

mondays come so fast

taken from kitty's without permission

1. complete this phrase: "i could be.."
- a caffeine addict soon.

2. what is the wallpaper on your cellphone?
- kenshin himura saying "oro"
3. did you get enough sleep last night?
- sadly, no.
4. first thing you thought about this morning when you woke up?
- job order pile i left on my desk hurriedly last sat and its sad that im halfway through ANANSI BOYS. i badly need a new book.
5. do u ever wonder why the sky is blue?
- yes... can it be green, too?
6. ever tried to skip meals?
- yes. its a bad habit.
7. grilled or fried?
- depends.
8. what makes you unique from others?
- erhm
9. are you afraid of the dark?
- pretty much.
10. favorite hangout?
- curled up in a stuffy couch with my lover the coffee preferably with m or with tabs and/or my other girl fiends.
11. people you can't live without?
- m, tabs, annie and the rest of my friends.
12. first thing you will buy if given 1 thousand dollars?
- use it to start a business for my mom
13. favorite song when you're sleepy?
- anything with violins
14. what are you afraid of?
- big spiders
15. are you a giver or taker?
- of what?
16. if you could choose another name for yourself, what would it be?
- i love my name
17. what is your mom's name?
- Evelyn
18. most recent movie that you watched?
- Citizen Dog (cinemanila)
19. invisible for a day, what would you do?
- stalk! hehehe! nah, scare her.
20. stuck on a deserted island & could have only one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
- pizza. :-) -- i agree.
21. favorite tv commercial?
- axe's click and coke.
22.if you were dead and your soul was given another chance, what would you do first?
- do something imnpulsive
23. if you could choose your eye color, what color would you like to have?
- dark green.- me too.
24. what are the things you always bring?
- a lot -- happiness, deep thoughts, juvenile things, love etc.
25. what did you wanna be when you were a kid?
- a doctor
26. what do you usually do when the clock turns 6 am?
- walk towards the john
27. the color of your bedsheet?
- blue.

random conversations

hmm, its 840am on a gloomy saturday, manila is threatened by Queenie, i'm all alone in the creative dept and i'm still trying to jumpstart my brains so i could start working on the job orders i've been trying so hard to ignore.
i REALLY should start working on it -- beat the deathline or its my head.
will just write for a while about some cute/funny/err "conversations" i had over the weird week.

• one: a very nice guy asked me if i prefer to date girls -- he saw my coffee dates with kitty and tabs all over my multiply site. it was a surprise for me that he thought i "like" girls better than the boys. well s, i love these girls like my sister. i still prefer the male gender. im sure they would also agree. :)

• two: another nice guy asked me if i have boyfriend. i told him "yes, didnt i tell you about it before?" he answered "just checking." hee. no changes, dear. :) you flatter me.

• three: backgorund story -- i asked m to help me with a monicker for a basketball team. we had this internal office contest, for us to come up with a monicker for them and there's a 5k prize. i thought i could use the money for christmas shopping so i had to use my arsenal to crank up my chances to bag the cash.
and since i am the designer for the newsletter feat. the said contest, i get the inside info before the rest. and i read the winning monicker. its not mine -- its the entry of 3rd highest paid person here in the office -- thats office politics for you.-- i was really pissed i had to sms m about it.

me: hi kulit. you remember the monicker i asked you to help me with? you know what won? MONEYMEN! grr!!
m: kadiri. hehehe. love you.

moneymen -- my mental picture -- money bills with feet walking around like chickens with its head cut off. or mga mukhang pera. very weird.

moving on, its a saturday and im catching the cinemanila later, its bound to improve.
and i really have to start working. heheheh! ^_^

and now what

i really dont want to rant on mondays -- beacuse i know it will wreck my week, but heck, i cant contain it much longer.
it's starting to be a gahd-awful week, i wish i could rewind it to last sat where i went on a fieldtrip with m and to yesterday where everything is just fine -- wherein i watched EXILED with 2 great men -- lucky me! hehehe -- and i ended it with ice cream.
i cant take it when some AE i know is trying real hard to be creative -- no, im not saying im the most creative person in the world and ae's are the devil's joke to us, one of my greatest friend is one -- this is just her.
im trying hard to ignore her but ignoring her is like trying to ignore a third eye that suddenly popped on your forehead, you just cant.
i hope that the week would improve.

what it is!!!

the Lord knows how much i was looking forward to last saturday. first, i got m this cool shirt -- a supposed to be christmas gift, but i think he deserves it, working real hard lately so i'll give it to him as a surprise gift (i sms'd him that i have a surprise for him) and secondly, i'm curious about The Prestige and of course, im looking forward to spending time with him.

after watching the movie and pizza dinner he went out for a smoke, then
he said casually "so, asan na yung surprise ko?"
i laughed. i thought he forgot about it already.
"wala na."
"wala na? bakit?"
"wala na kase ayaw mo ako bili ng ice cream"
he laughed hard.
"wala na... i have an idea what it is."
"huu! sige nga. tell me what it is..."
blooper talaga.
i should've said "what is it"
major blooper.
but its okay, it made m laughed so hard saying "hahahaha! mali ata yun ah!"
sira talaga yun.
but its okay. i love him and he got me a tall glass of starwberry shortcake ice cream. ^_^

moving on.

should you watch The Prestige? hell yes! 3 words for the girls: hugh. jackman. topless.

next week i hope we get to go to cubao

more blood and gore

became a Frank Miller fan after seeing the gore-ish but great movie SIN CITY.
i saw this while waiting for the screening of The Prestige. i thought first that this is a movie for the PS2 game "God of War" (equally bloody!).
after seeing the trailer, i had to chalk this one for the "MUST SEE" films. wee! :)

evil grin

i was looking forward to bidding this day adieu and have my one-for-the-road with ann. 'twas a lousy day, thanks to an account executive who's an art director wannabe. gad.
im losing hope when i had an interesting conversation with tabs, (evil grin)and i saw THE perfect gift to m!
i wanted to kick myself for not thinking about it until now. wee! excited. hopefully i'd get my hands on it soon.
cross your finger all of you!

fix me

a song that grew on me. i just love it.

what's on your mind?

i should be taking a stab at the fast accumulating job orders but im in a temporary "artist block". so i guess the job orders should get used to getting stared at by me some more -- well, until i get over this block.

weekend's great - watched the banquet (will try to write a review) & spent some quality time with m -- something i really need. talked to him with a future plan, about work, particularly. kitty knows about this and she thinks i should go for it.
yes, i think this is more like a 60-40 thing. office politics are really getting out of hand and i have no intentions of getting myself involved.
so there.
maybe i need a CHANGE of scenery.

on a lighter note, im drooling over this jeans. akk. it costs too much. i should forget about it.
lets hope for a better week.



i was in great awe when i saw her in THE PROFESSIONAL. i cant believe that was her. hee. great actress that is more than just a pretty face. i want to pull off her costume: little black dress and pearls. perfect.

sweet surprise

i was swamped with work when kitty sent me this message:

kitty: i was with ur boyfriend last night. may meeting sila ni vince.
kitty: i stole lots of shots using my phone for you.
kitty: and told him to take u out on an out of town vacation. he said pag may leaves ka na daw coz right now u cant afford it (figuratively ha) coz ur jsut new in the office.
kitty: i'll send u the shots tru mail oncem y mms is activated.
kitty: :)

hahahah! it was su-weet of her to do that. i was jealous when i heard about her trip to baguio with vince. well, she's the only one i know who can push m around. hehehe.
thanks, kitty.
congratulations to you and vince. ^_^

all hail to the new zelda!

m was Raving about this game, OKAMI, when i saw him last sat. i cant shut him up! hehehehhehe! i was skeptical until he showed it to me... and it was soo good. so good i warned him to wait till im around before he finishes the game. hehehehh! love it!

watch FLYBOYS! good movie! hee! ^_^

from me to you

maybe its because of the perfect nookie weather or maybe i cant wait to see him again. or maybe it's because of morrie (i just finished tuesdays with morrie)
so i sent him this, while waiting for the storm to calm down...

"if i had my way,
i would've asked you to marry me ages ago.
i wonder what you're answer will be...
goodnight, my love.
i miss you. i love you more."

looking forward to depart

again, m waved a dvd in my face while i was reading a chick-lit. he was frowning at the book like its something disgusting -- no, not really the book, i think its because my attention is elsewhere and not to him.
"let's just watch this, kulit." he said.
"and why would i want to watch that -- instik na naman e" suppressing a grin.
"because i want to. it's really good... and we will watch the english adaptation of this, which is THE DEPARTED"
such a baby.
and true enough, its so good. i just cant stop talking about it.
i can't wait for THE DEPARTED (showing october 4), a powerhouse cast and a great plot. whoo.
love it.
mark wahlberg grows on me -- i remember a friend telling me: gusto ko yung lalakeng mukhang babastusin ako sa kuarto. hehehe. -- amen. look who i ended up with. hee.

saturdays with m

the day that i always look forward to...
either just watching movies
or rummaging through your dvd's
or reading a good book.

to snuggle and be near you.
not talking, just basking in your presence.

feeling safe, warm and well-loved

i don't know what i did
to deserve you.
i'm just glad i did it.

thanks, baby.
love you, love you.
i miss you

playing hooky

i decided to give in to the pressure and just take half the day off so tabs would stop being on my case and i wont see some GR. in her sms to me. it was supposed to be a surprise but i twarted it. heee. sorry! anyway, under the angry glare of the sun, i went to ortigas to meet up with 2 of my great friends, with plans to eat foods that would give any gym instructor aneurysm and have my hair trimmed (worth every cent! hee!)
met up with tabs and wasnt surprised that elaine is nowhere to be found. she hasnt changed a bit. akk!
the day went very well (i got loots from them! thanks). i missed this two girls, who loves to diss at tabs' boss.
thanks for the great advance birthady gifts and for letting me spend a day with you.
oh yes, elaine, how's your sandals? hehehe.

here's some more of the pics.

wouldn't it be great if...

i was talking to tabs & annie about this...

- you could just turn your feelings on/off like a switch (feelings can make people do crazy things!)
- you can eat whatever good foods without gaining a pound.
- your s.o. doesnt ignore you
- people LISTEN and not just hear what you are saying
- the cab driver will just drive and go where you want to go without being a know-it-all
- your boss and you can trade jobs for a week
- i can have a day in a bath tub with lots of bubbles
- i have a lot of money to blow on clothes and friends
- i can spend a day with good friends
- people are given a good coffee and book holiday
- i learn to play poker
- you know that i miss you


Hindi ko alam kung bakit ka ganyan
Mahirap kausapin at di pa namamansin
Di mo ba alam ako'y nasasaktan
Ngunit di bale na basta't malaman mo na ...

Mahal kita, mahal kita, hindi ito bola
Ngumiti ka man lang sana ako'y nasa langit na
Mahal kita, mahal kita, hindi ito bola
Sumagot ka naman 'wag lang ... ewan ...


went out with annie last night in pursuit of her christmas gift to a sibling. i gladly went with her because it gave me an excuse to skip gym and catch up with her. anyway, she had this Idea. i can't ellaborate since i cant control the readers of my page. its so unlike her that i started thinking if i could do the Idea myself. hahahaah. but then, i can be such a wuss.

moving on...

she told me how stressful her work is now. well, it wouldn't be work if its not stressfull, yes? i started whining that we should pursue our plan of going out of town. to have a vacation where we would kill our phones so our work will not be able to catch up and all that they will hear is -- the subscriber cannot be reached! hehehehe. oh what fun!

i am thinking of something i shouldn't even be entertaining.
i wish i could really talk to him but i cant. his short fuse gets in the way.

funky sneaks

i wish i could wear something like this for work. hee.
such a cutie.
sylverlyt, what do you think? ^_^

love it. love it.

i ain't unique???

does this prove m's theory that i am in fact chinese? how weird. for someone who has an english sounding surname and was rumored to have a nazi, err, german lineage. sheesh. heheheh! kidding! m would be flipping out if he ever founf out that this thing thinks that i look like maggie cheung. heheheh!
*link taken from compulsive_eater without permission. hehehe.

the doctor is in

i fell in love with the series last year. watched the first episode (the deciding factor for me if im following a series and losing few hours of zzz's or not) and it was hook, line and sinker. i don’t know if its because i wanted to be a doctor before or if its because of dr. house's biatchy attitude (with a capital a). house is not mr. congeniality in the hospital, having just one best friend, zero girlfriend and a prospect is a proof of that. but i think he is well respected.
i love it when he tries to bargain/weasel out of clinic duties, his possessiveness with his markers, his love for soap operas and how he drives his staff crazy. i would love to have him as my boss/doctor! hehehee! he keeps them on their toes and make them work. he's insensitive but he stands with his decisions -- which is most of the time outrageous but its right on the mark.

i just love him. love him. love him.
he reminds me of someone i love. hehehe.

Stacy – “If you didn’t want me working here, why didn’t you just say so?”
House – “I don’t want you working right here. In my office. But anywhere else in the building is fine. It’s a really big hospital.”- Acceptance

Robert Sean Leonard, who plays house's best friend, Dr. Wilson is hot! he's from dead poet society. hee.

*** toxic is not even enough to describe the level of stress+workload that we will be trying to handle. i cant lose my temper just because of some people. akk. help me!

"this, too, will pass. this, too, will pass" sana before i die. heheheh.
to tabs and annie, thank you for last night. ^_^ i needed that.

love you. love you.


im sorry for:

• sometimes not acting my age
• for being so insensitive
• for being impatient
• ransacking your book collections
• sometimes being immature.
• for not getting you a new tv
• making you worry at times
• being a brat

im looking foward to:

• spending more time with you
• really listen to you
• talking about just anything
• buying you milkshakes
• making chocolates for you
• taking a vacation with you
• loving you more

" When i'm feeling like there's no love coming to me, and i have no love to give; when i'm feeling separated from the world, and cut off from myself; when i'm feeling annoyed by every little thing, because i'm not getting what i want, i'll remember that there is an infinite amount of love available to me. And i'll see it in you." - will and grace

thank you for the wonderful two years together,
for being my best friend, being there for me,
and most especially for loving me.
i cant promise you a perfect relationship but i can promise to work hard to make this work.
wont trade you for the world.
love you. love you, always.

good times!

i honestly cant remember when was the last time i saw her. i was thrilled when she asked me if my sunday is free and if we could meet up. well, i make it a point to have my sundays free for my friends. plus, its a chance to catch up with one of my best friends so i said yes. i know that going out would make a dent in my wallet but heck, being with my friends is priceless. so after an uber late lunch at frenchbaker, then walked to make ourselves hungry. we sampled the new coffee cheesecake from breadtalk... hmm... its sooo good for something with a reasonable price. we had our usual caffeine fix (no, i dont think its possible for us to go out and not have coffee!) and talked and talked.
tabs made me buy this cute red top. hee. payback time for her because i always make her buy something. ^_^
i felt that the whole day isnt enough for us when we see each other -- too much to do so little time.
i appreciate that she went all the way to makati just to see me. it meant a lot.
i wish i have enough money to blow on her.
thanks for the wonderful sunday, tabs. i hope we can do this again.
here are the link for the rest of the photos. enjoy!

good times with NOT paul anka!

here are few of my favorite pics from my good times with tabs. evidently, we are both caffeine intoxicated and became shutter-trigger happy!

cam whoring!

coffee goddess. ^_^


crazy monkeys!

love me!

big tic ^_^

this post was late because of an uber long meeting. err. all im hearing is an endless buzz. hehehehe.
anyway, watched miami vice (bad idea, colin just kept screwing gong li), save for that it was a great weekend.
i needed that. im getting this crazy idea about work, but its all good. its just a phase i guess.
now, being with my bestie is something i look forward to.
in my previous
post, i was lusting over this watch. hehehehe. well, IT'S MINE now! wee!
its like "wow" for me. since its the first time that i asked for something from him and he gave it to me.
not that i would love him less if he didn't. nothing would change.
i think what we have is beyond what material things we can give for each other.
me thinks some people think i dont deserve his love. but as far as i know he's happy and that's what counts.
anyway, im prepping up for the anniversary (year 2).
i just have to crack the j.o.'s to get it out of the way. hehehehe.
oh, to
moonbeam, im still here you know. im buried under the job orders but i can always find time for you.
miss you.

and off to lord morpheus

I am a toboggan!
Find your own pose!

fast forward >>

*taken from compulsive eater's page: ^_^

These are the original instructions.
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense.


To those who doesnt have a mp3 player:
1. Get any songhits/song book lying around (i wanted the big thick one but cant find it so im using instead the magic sing playlist folder)
2. Flip through the pages while reading the question then stop flipping after.
3. Randomly point to any part of the page with your finger (i recommend the index one, but feel free to use your favorite)
4. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense.

Ready? GO!

How are you feeling today?
- Friends
Will you get far in life?
- Deep inside of you
How do your friends see you?
- Long Way to Run
Will you get married?
- Four Seasons of Loneliness
What is your life's theme song?
- Ordinary
What is the story of your life?
- Officially Missing You
What was high school like?
- Rain (jet black joe! fave!)
How can you get ahead in life?
- Like a Virgin
What is tomorrow going to be like?
- Rise and Fall
What is the best thing about your friends?
- Must Get Out
What is in store for the next weekend?
- Someday We'll Know
What song best describes you?
- Time
How is your life going?
- Something's Missing (mahal ko na si John Mayer!!!)
What song will play at your funeral?
- Baby Come Back
How does the world see you?
- Georgia
Will you have a happy life?
- Hanggang Ngayon
What do your friends really think of you?
- Blue Eyes Blue
What song describes the person you'reattracted to?
- Crazy little thing called love
What message would you like to tell the next generation?
- Bad Day
Do you have a deep dark secret?
- My Boo

HAHAHAH! this is hilarious! give it a shot! :)

what does it mean?

i have no idea what is it with watches that i just get have enough of it, i can deal with having just one phone, 4 bags -- weird for a girl, and no make up (at all). i am just contended with not having too much stuff.


when it comes to watches. im hopeless. i cant have enough of it. take me to a watch store, i get posessed. i cant explain it. i only have 2 wrists but, to date, i have 6 watches!!!
i went to fossil earlier with a good friend. jeez, i saw this watch and it practically called my name! its so pretty!
i know i want it. and ack. this pretty thing cost a lot.
and since im near broke. i figured i could ask him to get it for me as an anniversary/birthday.christmas gift. so even if im scared -- i dont ask for gifts, hiya ako, i sent him a message.

his answer : lets talk about it on sat.

err. what does that mean??? is that a NO in another form? tsk.
oh well. i tried.

love kelly

this could just because of the perfect nookie/snuggle what-have-you weather, i just feel, umm... mushy. hehehe. i found a great page of a girl that i admire. wow. she writes soo great... its sapul. i'd like to share a part of her post. i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

what kind of love do you have?
one movie would dissect it to be three kinds...(ack, i'm a big movie fan, if you haven't noticed)
big love.
great love.

the first one is the kind that goes away after, say, two months.

the second one is the kind that goes away after two years.

the third one...ah, the third one...it's the kind that changes your life forever.
if you get hit by the third kind of love...that's both a blessing...and a curse.
you cannot escape it.there's no way you can hide from it.there's no denying it no matter how hard you try.
you are done for my dear.
and it's good...all over.
not everyone is blessed to find it or be found by it...
but once you have "it"

...you'll feel strong

...and yet so powerless in all the right places

...you're out of control and you delight in it.it's crazy

...but makes so much sense.

the thing is...sometimes you don't even know "it" is just right in front of you.waiting to be recognized.
it is not in the package that you hoped for
...but it really never comes wrapped the way we want it to be.
unless you give it a try and unwrap it
...unless you try it on for size
...unless you give it a shot
...then you would have missed out on "the third kind"
...it would have almost been a close encounter
...but you didn't look up...

*taken from kellybites. :)

para kay mike

dearest mike,

i dont blame you. we just have this love-hate relationship. and to be honest, there are times that i abhor your mere existence. because you are unpredictable but you're too damn sexy. and yes, i cant imagine life without you.

i was shocked when he told me you're leaving for germany.
how can you do such a thing? its is because of a new love? a love better than what you have here?
i cant believe it. it's very surreal. a life without you.
there is nothing i can do. it's too late.
i just wanted you to know that i will miss you. really.
the way you make me feel the surge of adrenaline and the i-think-im going-to-die fear.
i wish you the best. i hope you will be happy in your new home. i dont think i will ever see you again.
goodbye mike. thank you for everything. esp for the times you are with me & m.

oh no... ang ganda.

i found this great website. its a perfect site for who else the shop crazy.
and i fell in love with the kitty slingback. ~ drool.


i am watching the so-they-say last 2 episodes of CARNIVALE. one of the characters was telling her child to take off her blinders for her husband will never come back.


that reminded me. i sent him an sms: how is your blinders? paper pa rin? :)

took him until after the show finished to answer: anong blinders?


i cant believe that he forgot. he was the one who introduced the word to me

me: di ba when we started going out you told me that if you like/love somebody its like having blinders on. so you wont cheat on anybody kse you wont even look. you said then yours is paper blinders. so ngayon, paper pa rin ba?

him: ah. leather na ata. :)

me: ano? leather? tsk. kawawa naman ako. nasisira pa rin yun e. dapat pala bantayan ka pa rin. so... maski ba leather lang yan, love mo pa rin ako?

him: oo. love ko pa rin si f. matulog ka na.

heheheh. alam ko naman yun e.

ang blinders ay yung shades ng kabayo. na nilalagay para wala na syang makitang iba kundi yung nasa harap nya. para sa akin, ang blinders ni m, ay proteksyon sa mga babae na may masamang binabalak. hahaha.

mission: pm pile

hello, this post is tad late. something is wrong with my blogger and i cant upload anything. i would like to thank eus for uploading the last two pics. hehehee.
anyway, the mission was planned when i first saw IT. i knew i just have to take a piture of it, it's so blog-worthy! hahaha. sylverlyt and curiouskitty was excited when i told them about it so i decided to just get it on. i waited for m to take a nap and snapped away.
i swear, i havent seen such a pile. :) hopefully i wont get into trouble posting this pics. so please WAG nyo akong sumbong.
hmm, my next project would be having a photo with m. so he wont be accused of being an imaginary one. hehehe. :)
on a room filled with books and toys, an uber kulit man lives. he goes by the name, m. but the toys thinks he's the boss. he doesnt know when he's out or sleeping, the toys come alive and wreck havoc or just go around and one day, while he is taking a nap...
i am The Thing. i am about 2 years old. i am the first gift that the lady, fran, gave to the boss, m. i am just one of the toys that live with the boss in his box. fat astroboy is my neighbor. i stay on top of the ps2 games and random dvd's. i was given the task to find the pm pile. i dont know if such a collection is true. but we will see.
while the boss is sleeping, thing went down from the ps2 games mountain to look for the infamous pm pile. that is located somewhere in the room, also called the box.
THING: oh, this is the new toy. i think they bought this so the boss would stay put and the lady would have peace of mind. hahahaha!

THING: hello mr batman, my name is the thing. i live on top of the ps2 games and dvds, from the other side of the room, you know where the fat astroboy used to dwell. uhh, i dunno but isnt this place supposed to be the sink/kitchen? how come it looks like a library and it seems that there's a huge pile of pms here. arent you afraid of getting weak lungs because of these?

BATMAN: hmm. mr thing, you seem to be a non smoker. you will never understand the reason why boss have the pile. even if the lady is close to having a fit everytime he lights up a cig.
THING: but, its a sink and --
seeing the bat is hopeless thing went on and decided to climb up the pm pile

look at the biceps!aack!

THING: its a steep climb! but its worth it! my goodness. no wonder the lady is having issues with this. the bat is no help! but then he cant do anything being a bust and all. tsk.

THING: i present to you the PM pile! bwhahaha! success!

the end.

mmmm... great idea!

i was talking to our research manager about the new pirates movie -- he saw it lat night, a premiere by m&m. he told me that they gave away bags of m&m. and we started to talk about the m&m limited edition dark chocolate, the one they had specially for the STAR WARS: EPISODE III and how it never made it to our shores (sad!). so i went to the m&m's site and looked around and lo and behold! A CUSTOMIZED CANDIES!!!!
you can write personal messages and choose your colors too. a perfectly cheaper and a much more delicious wedding souvenir!
its brilliant... too brilliant. i want to have it!

ang cute!

this is how mine would look like. hopefully its still m i'd end up with.

toinks... my mess!

my weekend's great. its raining like insane but its good. :) i was able to spend quality time with m, stuffing ourselves silly with pizza and pastas and finished off with caffeine fix. it reminded me on how we are when we first started going out, where we would sit and people watch, bashing all the people's fashion style or un style. he's such a goof! hehehe.
and i also watched il mare (sa wakas!), its a cute film tho' it's really impossible for it to happen. but its all nice. anyway, i was able to take pictures of my workstation, i cant believe how much mess i made! aak!

it took me most of the morning to finish up but lookie how it looked like. its been a while since i saw my work table. hehehe! its littered been with papers and more papers! hehehhee!

and yes, i took the pics with my new sony cybershot T5 (pictures to follow!). :) hehhehe. i cant wait to take more pics esp. m's PM pile! heheheeh! thanks to sylverlyt, cher, tabs and bert for the help!

look! up in the sky!

i watched superman returns. and i think it's great. good story plus one hot papa? where could you go wrong? brandon routh did a great job filling in christopher reeves' red boots. and eventhough kevin spacey reminds me of dr. evil, he did well as lex luther. (trivia: mr spacey did a dr evil role in one of the austin powers' movie. :))
it is a must see movie for all the superman fans. :) i didnt put any spoiler to avoid trouble. hee.
oh, im now looking forward to spiderman 3.

am i hot or am i hot?

my kryptonite

anybody who really knows me, knows that i have a thing for watches -- still in pursuit of the mickey mouse watch -- i just cannot have enough watches. we are now having a super sale of watches, most of them signature. alas, to be paid in cash. tsk. walk away, i told myself.
i tried to forget about it until one of the cool manager here called me and said "hey, i want to show you something. i swear, when i saw it i know i have to show it to you." and he showed me an ad in the newspaper. -- THE SWATCH JELLY IN JELLY! waa! it has my name written on it. i have to have it. no matter what! screw the new clothes. i will buy this. hahahaah!

i want you!

Here's the small article about it:
The new Jelly in Jelly Collection permits a larger explosion of Beauty and Art. It gives its creators greater freedom to design, enabling the latest trends to find their way quickly into new models. This collection consists of five bright transparent models in classic SWATCH colours. Jelly in Jelly moves a small watch into a larger dimension, thus taking account of the trend towards larger watches.


i feel lazy...
dont want to go to the gym...
but i have to...

i am now in pursuit of finding an authentic diner.

im open for suggestions.

and you're it!

hmmm... how am i to do this again? cher tagged me to do this here (check) and i have to write down 8 facts/ habits/ things, mention who tagged me and tag everybody else. hahahah! syempre no tagging back

so here's eight facts/trivia about me:

1. i havent cut my hair for more than a year. i dont own it anymore -- m does. he doesnt want me to cut it. but people thinks its nice. so its good. i usually have it tied in a ponytail or clipped with barrets.
2. i sleep with my hand under the pillow, on my side facing the wall.
3. i like margaritas / tequilas more than beer. you wont see me much in parties.
4. i am a sugar junkie. and chocolate fondues are neat.
5. most of the week, i am in the gym -- where i think a lot. contemplating on life.
6. i am a hopeless romantic -- minsan selosa. hahaha.
7. i own a lot of lip balm/gloss.
8. i love having conversations on a lazy day over coffee.

TAG! you're it! -- tabs, annie, trisha, kitty, gwennie, sue & ches. lahat kayo!!! heheheh


When i'm feeling like there's no love coming to me, and i have no love to give; when i'm feeling separated from the world, and cut off from myself; when i'm feeling annoyed by every little thing, because i'm not getting what i want, i'll remember that there is an infinite amount of love available to me. And i'll see it in you.

I'll remember that i am complete within myself, so I'll never have to look to you to complete me. And, most of all, i'll remember that everything i really need i already have, and whatever i don't have will come to me when i'm ready to receive it.

- Will and Grace, "Coffee & Commitment"

**** i like the first part. su-weet. :)

what do you fear most?

i was jumping from one page to another saw a quiz -- which planet are you from?
its a so-so until i was asked this:

Which do you fear most?

- Denied creative expression
- Loss of memory
- Stupidity
- Ugliness
- Being taken away from nature
- Being weak or crippled
- There is nothing out there
- Nobody to heal
- Chaos
- Being made to conform
- Whatever lurks in the darkness
- Being exposed

i chose STUPIDITY. its what i fear most among the choices. since creativity is inborn -- its like you cannot be uncreative if you are one. i mean who wants to be stupid???

and his name is ares.

it was a good weekend for me.
i was having hellish cramps but its all good. i watched pixar's cars -- good film but i dont think the children liked it, some kids inside the theater got bored. hehehe.
highlight would be when m and i was able to talk again. it feels like i havent "talked" to him lately. busy kse sya with his toy and friends. pero carry lang. okay na naman kme e.

anyway, he was telling me about this game he just finished, GOD OF WAR. man, its really interesting.
good graphics, great story with the right amount of blood and gore and sex. hahahaha. what a combination. i love anything greek myth. ^_^
he's tempting me to give the game a shot. i declined. i might get addcted to it.
was comtemplating of buying him God of War II for christmas. hmm... depende yun kung mabait sya. hehehee.

here's the trailer link:
enjoy. :)

and on other things,
m has been asking me before to get back to photography, i think i will. i wanted to buy a digital camera. too bad it costs a bundle. it will put a dent on my wallet. waa!

whoo! saya!

mate 1: hey mate, puede mag rant?
mate 2: sure, im all ears. whats the matter?
mate 1: you know what irritates me the most? its planning a freakin' date, get all worked up.
and what i get is a wasted sleepy boyfriend when the date comes around. man, what a waste of time! poo-tah!
mate 2: oh. shet mate, that suck. he went to an event eklat ano
mate 1: ano pa nga ba. pakshet. i try not to be demanding. i let him do his thing. pucha. ano ba ako dito? seasonal girlfriend? is it too much to ask for him to be at least awake when i see him?
mate 2: t*e. it suck to be you.
mate 1: i f**kin' know.


i dont understand. shake it off. please. its killing me.

wenk wenk wenk

i was tinkering and falling in love with flicker. hehehhee.
i think i tinkered too much.
i reached my limit in bandwidth in 2 days!
tsk tsk.
i have to wait for the 1st of july for it to reset.


ive always loved comic books, i cant keep my hands off them, local or not. a liking shared by moonbeam and the love of my life.
and i found this. and i dont like the idea. WHAT WERE THEY THIKING???
jeez, m would throw a fit. but then, i dont think he likes spidey as much as i do.
saw this story at yahoo.com.
share ko lang.


Spiderman outs himself to the press
Wed Jun 14, 11:30 AM ET

For a comic book hero, it's the ultimate taboo.
In the latest edition of the Marvel comic "Civil War" on sale, Spiderman does the unthinkable and removes his Spidey mask to publicly reveal his hidden identity.
"I'm proud of who I am, and I'm here right now to prove it," the legendary webslinger tells a press conference called in New York's Times Square, before pulling off his mask and standing before the massed ranks of reporters as newspaper photographer Peter Parker.
"Any questions?" Parker asks in the final panel of the issue, amid a barrage of camera flashes.
In a statement, Marvel trumpeted the revelation as "arguably the most shocking event in comic book history."
The seven-issue "Civil War" series, launched in May, sees Marvel's writers taking on the topical issue of civil liberties.
Following a showdown between a group of superheroes and supervillains in which hundreds of innocent civilians are killed, the government passes the Super-Hero Registration Act, requiring all superheroes to reveal their identities and register as "living weapons of mass destruction."
Marvel's roster of invincible crime fighters is split into two bitterly opposed factions, with one camp -- championed by the likes of Spiderman -- in favour of the new law and the other, including Captain America and his ilk, refusing to relinquish anonymity.
"It's about which side you are on and why you think you are right," said Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada

a broke day with tabs

i was scared that she would cancel on our date, because we are both dirt poor. broker than broke. she has 300 in her pockets. i have 200. but its fun. we both helped each other shake off our depressions.
a great way to start the week. sa uulitin. ^_^

dont we look great? someday we might be mrs. b's.

cam whore na ba ako? salamat sa libreng pedi! hehehe!

for a million bucks, you will to wear this?

waa! ano daw?


" i told you marami kang fans, tabs!"

the caffeine addicts

an excerpt from a conversation with a 15-year-old

DAY: one rainy sunday
MOOD: nervous
MUSIC: none

its been a year since i visited this great house where i like/love the people living inside. i kept on flashing nervous smiles at him. aak. malapit na kme sa loob. bahala na si batman.
turned out im nervous for nothing. i was greeted warmly by smiles and hugs.
i found my way to their living room and there i was greeted by a 15 year old young man. taller that i last remembered seeing him and still cute.

him: "hi, kamusta? ngayon ka lang nabisita uli"
me: "oo nga e. o kamusta?"
him: "okay lang. may balita na ba?"
me: "balita? balita sa?"
him: "kung kelan kayo papakasal."
me: "ha? hehehehe. di ba sya dapat ang tinatanong mo nyan di ako."
him: "hahaha. nahihiya kse ako e."
me: "wala pa e. sabi ng friend nya, he still waiting for me to grow. problema, hanggang dito na lang ako. di na ako lalaki."
him: "ganon ba? may cherifer ako dyan. baka gumana pa yun. hehehehe."

he's such a nice young boy. i'd love for him to be my nephew-in-law (hahaha. meron ba nun?).
ay naku. di mo lang alam, mukhang marami tao ang ayaw sakin para sa tito mo. pero sorry na lang sila pinili na nya ako. hehehe.
at kung mayaman lang ako, matagal ko na pinakasalan anga tito mo. :)

on that note:

me (on SMS): hello kulit. i hope masaya ka sa birthday weekend mo....
m: ... yes, it was a happy weekend...

that's all i need to know.

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