what it is!!!

the Lord knows how much i was looking forward to last saturday. first, i got m this cool shirt -- a supposed to be christmas gift, but i think he deserves it, working real hard lately so i'll give it to him as a surprise gift (i sms'd him that i have a surprise for him) and secondly, i'm curious about The Prestige and of course, im looking forward to spending time with him.

after watching the movie and pizza dinner he went out for a smoke, then
he said casually "so, asan na yung surprise ko?"
i laughed. i thought he forgot about it already.
"wala na."
"wala na? bakit?"
"wala na kase ayaw mo ako bili ng ice cream"
he laughed hard.
"wala na... i have an idea what it is."
"huu! sige nga. tell me what it is..."
blooper talaga.
i should've said "what is it"
major blooper.
but its okay, it made m laughed so hard saying "hahahaha! mali ata yun ah!"
sira talaga yun.
but its okay. i love him and he got me a tall glass of starwberry shortcake ice cream. ^_^

moving on.

should you watch The Prestige? hell yes! 3 words for the girls: hugh. jackman. topless.

next week i hope we get to go to cubao

more blood and gore

became a Frank Miller fan after seeing the gore-ish but great movie SIN CITY.
i saw this while waiting for the screening of The Prestige. i thought first that this is a movie for the PS2 game "God of War" (equally bloody!).
after seeing the trailer, i had to chalk this one for the "MUST SEE" films. wee! :)

evil grin

i was looking forward to bidding this day adieu and have my one-for-the-road with ann. 'twas a lousy day, thanks to an account executive who's an art director wannabe. gad.
im losing hope when i had an interesting conversation with tabs, (evil grin)and i saw THE perfect gift to m!
i wanted to kick myself for not thinking about it until now. wee! excited. hopefully i'd get my hands on it soon.
cross your finger all of you!

fix me

a song that grew on me. i just love it.

what's on your mind?

i should be taking a stab at the fast accumulating job orders but im in a temporary "artist block". so i guess the job orders should get used to getting stared at by me some more -- well, until i get over this block.

weekend's great - watched the banquet (will try to write a review) & spent some quality time with m -- something i really need. talked to him with a future plan, about work, particularly. kitty knows about this and she thinks i should go for it.
yes, i think this is more like a 60-40 thing. office politics are really getting out of hand and i have no intentions of getting myself involved.
so there.
maybe i need a CHANGE of scenery.

on a lighter note, im drooling over this jeans. akk. it costs too much. i should forget about it.
lets hope for a better week.



i was in great awe when i saw her in THE PROFESSIONAL. i cant believe that was her. hee. great actress that is more than just a pretty face. i want to pull off her costume: little black dress and pearls. perfect.

sweet surprise

i was swamped with work when kitty sent me this message:

kitty: i was with ur boyfriend last night. may meeting sila ni vince.
kitty: i stole lots of shots using my phone for you.
kitty: and told him to take u out on an out of town vacation. he said pag may leaves ka na daw coz right now u cant afford it (figuratively ha) coz ur jsut new in the office.
kitty: i'll send u the shots tru mail oncem y mms is activated.
kitty: :)

hahahah! it was su-weet of her to do that. i was jealous when i heard about her trip to baguio with vince. well, she's the only one i know who can push m around. hehehe.
thanks, kitty.
congratulations to you and vince. ^_^

all hail to the new zelda!

m was Raving about this game, OKAMI, when i saw him last sat. i cant shut him up! hehehehhehe! i was skeptical until he showed it to me... and it was soo good. so good i warned him to wait till im around before he finishes the game. hehehehh! love it!

watch FLYBOYS! good movie! hee! ^_^

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