blood brothers

did i tell you that i love capt. jack sparrow? hehehe. at least its not as disappointing as spiderman3. ^_^

mini rant

i was able to find myself with some down time last night, what did i do? hmm... grab some good food and stare at the tv. and i was able to see a nokia n95 ad about an adventure and the loot:
an N95, 50 grand and an aman pulo package!
whoo hoo! that has my name written all over it. so how do i join?
wenk wenk.
they have CELEBRITY players!
these people can buy a balikbayan box filled with n95s, gazillion money and can live at aman pulo for a week!
what a shame.

tawa ka

wehehehe. i need this. badly.


"ano ba iniisip mo?"



i hope when all these is over,
i will have him again.
i miss my best friend.
and i want him back.

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