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sorry. i'm late. buti na lang umabot ako sa august. ehehe.

broker than broke

a wishlist update:

someone is telling me about his recent trip from palawan. that i should go there since the fare is dirt cheap. i wish i have money to blow on trips but all my money is being sucked dry by my lust for filters and lenses. haha! *expensive hobby, f*
now, im targetting the canon 18-200mm *nerdtalk*. i seriously need a Sideline since the bugger cost 30k+.
i'll just add the lens on my wishlist for now. =)

new kids

meet my kuya's new babies. hehe! reposted for eus: my first dslr shots. =)

more photos here

graphika weekend

i became one of the lucky delegates to attend the GraphikaManila '09 in MOA premiere cinema last Aug 15. and since i'm satisfied with it, i will choose not to bash it.

highlights :
• The Stefan Seigmaster talk -- who made me realize that i shold complain with the peanuts that i get for working and for not taking credit for all the great things i do for work.
• The Industrial Light and Magic Reel & Christian Alzmann -- get a day job that will pay for a dream job until you do your dream job. and he gets to get paid great money to draw robots (something he used to do in Math class1 hahah)
• Brand new school's Ludovic Schorro - love the typography. =)
• and of course, i get to witness the magic with Tabs

i will share some of the photos i took at graphikamanila, MOA and a roofdeck with an inclined ledge. :)
AT MOA before GraphikaManila:

first shot of the day

si supermario ka ba?

Inside MOA Premiere Cinema while waiting for the conference to start:

puede ba naman wala

rak on!

stack outside the cinema

nasan ang noodles???

After the conference inside MOA


view from the back

sun is taking its time to set, siguro walang date *hahah*

change venue : Grappas Greenbelt 3

overexposed greenbelt

orange county

happy accident -wasn't my intention to take a photo of the ashtray. hehe

Moving to the roofdeck (not in greenbelt)

is the road on fire?

take two

sorry if i uploaded a lot of photos. hee. got excited. *cheers!*

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