not your typical love letter

my mobile shouts at me to inform me that i have a sms

m: you've got mail :)

i checked my yahoo mailbox (no new mail)

me: wer did u send it? wala naman e

m: sa gmail mo

so checked my mailbox and lo and behold, he does have an email. i silently prayed that it was the favor i asked him to do for me, (flashback: i dont have a profile for my page and i asked him to make me one) and so it was.see, i always wondered how m writes. and now i know why despite the temper all of his exs and bosses loved him. and why all his friends wanted him to go back to the ad agency. i didnt know m thinks of me this way, i just know he finds me funny, his personal chef, somebody to harrass (hehe. joke!). basically, his best budd only a girl. i have to say my heart swelled after i read his mail.

im blessed to have him. and im thankful he loves me.

here's the contents of his email:

If Francis were a song, she would be in one of the better albums of U2. None of the forced sentimentality of pop divas, devoid of the repetitive lameness of boy bands, free of the pointless anger of metal groups. She would be a song that can only get better every time you hear it; and the passage of years would only give it the distinction of being a classic. Don't let her youth or her quiet demeanor fool you: her ideas are fresh but insightful, her words few but necessary, her actions mannered but purposeful. She does not categorize tasks as either trivial or herculean-- she attends to everything that is expected of her with undivided attention, and rewards herself with rest only when the job is done and done well. Even if her mind has already absorbed enough of what's good and useful, she can still sponge up fresh starts or points of inspiration from conversations or carefully chosen books and films. If someone wrote her biography now, it would be many chapters away from an ending; but the existing manuscript would already make for interesting reading. Charming. Smart. Sweet. Generous. Sexy. Above all else, she's real and she's got soul. If these aren't enough to make a person beautiful, I have no idea what would. (love you, kulit)

aww! im a goner! :)

chilli papa

obviously, i loved the munich movie (not for kids).
the lead character's (eric bana) role is so hot. for me, that is, bacause he can cook gourmet dishes and look great with or without clothes. hehehe. the movie was a way for me to know that m wouldn't buy me a huge kitchen because its not a kitchen, it's a room! hehehe. i still would want a huge kitchen where i could cook and make great grub. as for m, he will be eating take out for the rest of our lives. nah. kidding. :)

sunday morning snaps

to those who doesnt have any access on my photobucket. here are the photos to go with my one sunday morning post. hehehe.
hmm... i wish i could have time to go out of town and not worry about stuff.

jeez, whose toes are these? (before shot)

ayan... hindi na paa ng maglulupa! hehheeh! model: tabs' toes

we, the shopaholic! cute naman!

my starbucks bud.

ang kulet!

look at the cutie we picked up there? his name is bearista

the mess we made at starbucks! hehehe!

kame ang pugante ng megamall

galing ng photographer ko

somebody told me i looked toned in this top. sana bilin nya to para sakin. hehehe.

one sunday morning.

NOTE: our net has been infected by a bug. that is the reason why i have over a hundred unread emails and its been ages since i last made a post. well, now im back. glad to be. ^_^ i have a lot to write about and i dunno where to start. heehee.

tabs and i met up in megamall (erhm, i woke up way earlier than usual) with a mission, that we would give our toes a much needed pedicure. (pano naman, parang hindi paa ng babae, mukha nang paa ng magsasaka) hehehe. it was sooooooooo much fun to spend money and be pampered. but more than that, it's spending time with a great friend. i miss my girl-friends (lalo na si jan and annie). having a boyfriend who loves me is great hut there are times that i need my girl-friends to gush with, to buy clothes & shoes with and to pig out without worrying about my diet. go see my photobucket for the rest of the pics. :)

oh no, where did january go?

its been a busy busy week. and i found out that santa forgot some of my stuff. hehehe.
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