perhaps love

(NOTE: i try not to write mushy stuff here so this is quite safe despite the title. heehee. :))

m and i couldnt find a decent movie when we saw each other last time, (a rarity these days). anyway, we had dinner and went back to his crib and there he showed me a new DVD movie. and to my surprise (NOT), its chinese. i asked him whats the film about, he said its a love story (i think this should stop me from taking a nap), maybe he had sensed that i am not too happy with yet another chinese film, he told me that he didnt screen this and we will watch it together and because this is a love story, he waited until that day we are together to watch it. (people, this man cant stand having an unwatched film in his possession, so this could be something). this is a pretty decent movie, reminds me of moulin rouge, but with subtitles. heheh. its a great film. tho' i was telling m that the ending suck, could be because im used to those kinds of endings. nyahaha. whatever.

another surprise popped out in this movie: a really crushable japanese, a real one for a change. (i used to have a thing for kenshin himura ^_^'). hehehe. i just dont have the heart to tell m that i have crush on mr. takeshi here because the ex of his buddy already adores her. i mean boys just cant take it that we girls would fall overselves over one guy or two. all i know i have one word for this guy, mr takeshi: SWEET!

will blog about my date with elaine & tabs when i get ahold of the pics. SHOUTOUTS TO: jan & annie. SHOW YOURSELVES!!!!

a quick one.

lately i was plagued by paranoia, i don't know who to turn to just because of the mere reason that i'm afraid that talking to other people would make me even more paranoid and worry. with all the relentless job orders that still keeps on piling and me morphing into a gym rat, this is no surprise.
i was taking to j online for days now and i told her i'm paranoid, but didn't tell her why. but she keeps on asking and asking until i finally told her. and i was glad that i did. since, she understood were i'm coming from and she assured me that i am just paranoid.
now, if what im waiting for finally comes along i'd be happier. im glad i have someone like her to turn to.
shoutouts to j: miss you na. pakita ka na sakin!!!! hehhee! mwah.

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