went out with annie last night in pursuit of her christmas gift to a sibling. i gladly went with her because it gave me an excuse to skip gym and catch up with her. anyway, she had this Idea. i can't ellaborate since i cant control the readers of my page. its so unlike her that i started thinking if i could do the Idea myself. hahahaah. but then, i can be such a wuss.

moving on...

she told me how stressful her work is now. well, it wouldn't be work if its not stressfull, yes? i started whining that we should pursue our plan of going out of town. to have a vacation where we would kill our phones so our work will not be able to catch up and all that they will hear is -- the subscriber cannot be reached! hehehehe. oh what fun!

i am thinking of something i shouldn't even be entertaining.
i wish i could really talk to him but i cant. his short fuse gets in the way.

funky sneaks

i wish i could wear something like this for work. hee.
such a cutie.
sylverlyt, what do you think? ^_^

love it. love it.

i ain't unique???

does this prove m's theory that i am in fact chinese? how weird. for someone who has an english sounding surname and was rumored to have a nazi, err, german lineage. sheesh. heheheh! kidding! m would be flipping out if he ever founf out that this thing thinks that i look like maggie cheung. heheheh!
*link taken from compulsive_eater without permission. hehehe.

the doctor is in

i fell in love with the series last year. watched the first episode (the deciding factor for me if im following a series and losing few hours of zzz's or not) and it was hook, line and sinker. i don’t know if its because i wanted to be a doctor before or if its because of dr. house's biatchy attitude (with a capital a). house is not mr. congeniality in the hospital, having just one best friend, zero girlfriend and a prospect is a proof of that. but i think he is well respected.
i love it when he tries to bargain/weasel out of clinic duties, his possessiveness with his markers, his love for soap operas and how he drives his staff crazy. i would love to have him as my boss/doctor! hehehee! he keeps them on their toes and make them work. he's insensitive but he stands with his decisions -- which is most of the time outrageous but its right on the mark.

i just love him. love him. love him.
he reminds me of someone i love. hehehe.

Stacy – “If you didn’t want me working here, why didn’t you just say so?”
House – “I don’t want you working right here. In my office. But anywhere else in the building is fine. It’s a really big hospital.”- Acceptance

Robert Sean Leonard, who plays house's best friend, Dr. Wilson is hot! he's from dead poet society. hee.

*** toxic is not even enough to describe the level of stress+workload that we will be trying to handle. i cant lose my temper just because of some people. akk. help me!

"this, too, will pass. this, too, will pass" sana before i die. heheheh.
to tabs and annie, thank you for last night. ^_^ i needed that.

love you. love you.


im sorry for:

• sometimes not acting my age
• for being so insensitive
• for being impatient
• ransacking your book collections
• sometimes being immature.
• for not getting you a new tv
• making you worry at times
• being a brat

im looking foward to:

• spending more time with you
• really listen to you
• talking about just anything
• buying you milkshakes
• making chocolates for you
• taking a vacation with you
• loving you more

" When i'm feeling like there's no love coming to me, and i have no love to give; when i'm feeling separated from the world, and cut off from myself; when i'm feeling annoyed by every little thing, because i'm not getting what i want, i'll remember that there is an infinite amount of love available to me. And i'll see it in you." - will and grace

thank you for the wonderful two years together,
for being my best friend, being there for me,
and most especially for loving me.
i cant promise you a perfect relationship but i can promise to work hard to make this work.
wont trade you for the world.
love you. love you, always.

good times!

i honestly cant remember when was the last time i saw her. i was thrilled when she asked me if my sunday is free and if we could meet up. well, i make it a point to have my sundays free for my friends. plus, its a chance to catch up with one of my best friends so i said yes. i know that going out would make a dent in my wallet but heck, being with my friends is priceless. so after an uber late lunch at frenchbaker, then walked to make ourselves hungry. we sampled the new coffee cheesecake from breadtalk... hmm... its sooo good for something with a reasonable price. we had our usual caffeine fix (no, i dont think its possible for us to go out and not have coffee!) and talked and talked.
tabs made me buy this cute red top. hee. payback time for her because i always make her buy something. ^_^
i felt that the whole day isnt enough for us when we see each other -- too much to do so little time.
i appreciate that she went all the way to makati just to see me. it meant a lot.
i wish i have enough money to blow on her.
thanks for the wonderful sunday, tabs. i hope we can do this again.
here are the link for the rest of the photos. enjoy!

good times with NOT paul anka!

here are few of my favorite pics from my good times with tabs. evidently, we are both caffeine intoxicated and became shutter-trigger happy!

cam whoring!

coffee goddess. ^_^


crazy monkeys!

love me!

big tic ^_^

this post was late because of an uber long meeting. err. all im hearing is an endless buzz. hehehehe.
anyway, watched miami vice (bad idea, colin just kept screwing gong li), save for that it was a great weekend.
i needed that. im getting this crazy idea about work, but its all good. its just a phase i guess.
now, being with my bestie is something i look forward to.
in my previous
post, i was lusting over this watch. hehehehe. well, IT'S MINE now! wee!
its like "wow" for me. since its the first time that i asked for something from him and he gave it to me.
not that i would love him less if he didn't. nothing would change.
i think what we have is beyond what material things we can give for each other.
me thinks some people think i dont deserve his love. but as far as i know he's happy and that's what counts.
anyway, im prepping up for the anniversary (year 2).
i just have to crack the j.o.'s to get it out of the way. hehehehe.
oh, to
moonbeam, im still here you know. im buried under the job orders but i can always find time for you.
miss you.

and off to lord morpheus

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