from me to you

maybe its because of the perfect nookie weather or maybe i cant wait to see him again. or maybe it's because of morrie (i just finished tuesdays with morrie)
so i sent him this, while waiting for the storm to calm down...

"if i had my way,
i would've asked you to marry me ages ago.
i wonder what you're answer will be...
goodnight, my love.
i miss you. i love you more."

looking forward to depart

again, m waved a dvd in my face while i was reading a chick-lit. he was frowning at the book like its something disgusting -- no, not really the book, i think its because my attention is elsewhere and not to him.
"let's just watch this, kulit." he said.
"and why would i want to watch that -- instik na naman e" suppressing a grin.
"because i want to. it's really good... and we will watch the english adaptation of this, which is THE DEPARTED"
such a baby.
and true enough, its so good. i just cant stop talking about it.
i can't wait for THE DEPARTED (showing october 4), a powerhouse cast and a great plot. whoo.
love it.
mark wahlberg grows on me -- i remember a friend telling me: gusto ko yung lalakeng mukhang babastusin ako sa kuarto. hehehe. -- amen. look who i ended up with. hee.

saturdays with m

the day that i always look forward to...
either just watching movies
or rummaging through your dvd's
or reading a good book.

to snuggle and be near you.
not talking, just basking in your presence.

feeling safe, warm and well-loved

i don't know what i did
to deserve you.
i'm just glad i did it.

thanks, baby.
love you, love you.
i miss you

playing hooky

i decided to give in to the pressure and just take half the day off so tabs would stop being on my case and i wont see some GR. in her sms to me. it was supposed to be a surprise but i twarted it. heee. sorry! anyway, under the angry glare of the sun, i went to ortigas to meet up with 2 of my great friends, with plans to eat foods that would give any gym instructor aneurysm and have my hair trimmed (worth every cent! hee!)
met up with tabs and wasnt surprised that elaine is nowhere to be found. she hasnt changed a bit. akk!
the day went very well (i got loots from them! thanks). i missed this two girls, who loves to diss at tabs' boss.
thanks for the great advance birthady gifts and for letting me spend a day with you.
oh yes, elaine, how's your sandals? hehehe.

here's some more of the pics.

wouldn't it be great if...

i was talking to tabs & annie about this...

- you could just turn your feelings on/off like a switch (feelings can make people do crazy things!)
- you can eat whatever good foods without gaining a pound.
- your s.o. doesnt ignore you
- people LISTEN and not just hear what you are saying
- the cab driver will just drive and go where you want to go without being a know-it-all
- your boss and you can trade jobs for a week
- i can have a day in a bath tub with lots of bubbles
- i have a lot of money to blow on clothes and friends
- i can spend a day with good friends
- people are given a good coffee and book holiday
- i learn to play poker
- you know that i miss you


Hindi ko alam kung bakit ka ganyan
Mahirap kausapin at di pa namamansin
Di mo ba alam ako'y nasasaktan
Ngunit di bale na basta't malaman mo na ...

Mahal kita, mahal kita, hindi ito bola
Ngumiti ka man lang sana ako'y nasa langit na
Mahal kita, mahal kita, hindi ito bola
Sumagot ka naman 'wag lang ... ewan ...

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