ho! ho! ho! again

in this season of good cheer and waist widening (hahahah!), i would like to thank all the people who is and became part of my life somehow. *if i forgot to put your name im very sorry and its not intentional.

to m and my family, for still being the best reason for me to wake up everyday, to my sister from another mother, tabs, happy bday and for having patience with all my rants and coffee dates (lee, thank you for sharing her with me! :)), to all my new found friends at work (esp to mommy liz, ate badette & psst xz, ms lei, aileen & the boys) thank you for helping me not commit murder, to my friends that i miss the most -- ann, jan, jian, and lot, to my old friends -- elaine, rache and the other ics people, to not so old friends -- lerry, trisha, rache and kathy r it was nice seeing you again. to m's friends -- kitty and vince, jo and dodo. to my multiply friends and facebook friends. and to you, whom i forgot, i wish you all the best this christmas! cheers!

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