lonely caffeine

it's been too long since i wrote here and made a postie.
i whizzed through the job orders and found myself with a handful of hours to kill and no boss to boot! great! i was talking to tabs and made me realized that i cant remember the last time i saw my friends -- its house-work-gym-house routine for me lately (well, blame the fact that im also broke!).
hmm, whats been happening? i just watched Flags of our Fathers over the weekend and cram for a design. its pathetic, i know. im supposed to have coffee with sylverlyt but things happened and that plans went pifft!
sigh. tabs and kitty, you HAVE to see me soon! hehehe! :)

mondays come so fast

taken from kitty's without permission

1. complete this phrase: "i could be.."
- a caffeine addict soon.

2. what is the wallpaper on your cellphone?
- kenshin himura saying "oro"
3. did you get enough sleep last night?
- sadly, no.
4. first thing you thought about this morning when you woke up?
- job order pile i left on my desk hurriedly last sat and its sad that im halfway through ANANSI BOYS. i badly need a new book.
5. do u ever wonder why the sky is blue?
- yes... can it be green, too?
6. ever tried to skip meals?
- yes. its a bad habit.
7. grilled or fried?
- depends.
8. what makes you unique from others?
- erhm
9. are you afraid of the dark?
- pretty much.
10. favorite hangout?
- curled up in a stuffy couch with my lover the coffee preferably with m or with tabs and/or my other girl fiends.
11. people you can't live without?
- m, tabs, annie and the rest of my friends.
12. first thing you will buy if given 1 thousand dollars?
- use it to start a business for my mom
13. favorite song when you're sleepy?
- anything with violins
14. what are you afraid of?
- big spiders
15. are you a giver or taker?
- of what?
16. if you could choose another name for yourself, what would it be?
- i love my name
17. what is your mom's name?
- Evelyn
18. most recent movie that you watched?
- Citizen Dog (cinemanila)
19. invisible for a day, what would you do?
- stalk! hehehe! nah, scare her.
20. stuck on a deserted island & could have only one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
- pizza. :-) -- i agree.
21. favorite tv commercial?
- axe's click and coke.
22.if you were dead and your soul was given another chance, what would you do first?
- do something imnpulsive
23. if you could choose your eye color, what color would you like to have?
- dark green.- me too.
24. what are the things you always bring?
- a lot -- happiness, deep thoughts, juvenile things, love etc.
25. what did you wanna be when you were a kid?
- a doctor
26. what do you usually do when the clock turns 6 am?
- walk towards the john
27. the color of your bedsheet?
- blue.

random conversations

hmm, its 840am on a gloomy saturday, manila is threatened by Queenie, i'm all alone in the creative dept and i'm still trying to jumpstart my brains so i could start working on the job orders i've been trying so hard to ignore.
i REALLY should start working on it -- beat the deathline or its my head.
will just write for a while about some cute/funny/err "conversations" i had over the weird week.

• one: a very nice guy asked me if i prefer to date girls -- he saw my coffee dates with kitty and tabs all over my multiply site. it was a surprise for me that he thought i "like" girls better than the boys. well s, i love these girls like my sister. i still prefer the male gender. im sure they would also agree. :)

• two: another nice guy asked me if i have boyfriend. i told him "yes, didnt i tell you about it before?" he answered "just checking." hee. no changes, dear. :) you flatter me.

• three: backgorund story -- i asked m to help me with a monicker for a basketball team. we had this internal office contest, for us to come up with a monicker for them and there's a 5k prize. i thought i could use the money for christmas shopping so i had to use my arsenal to crank up my chances to bag the cash.
and since i am the designer for the newsletter feat. the said contest, i get the inside info before the rest. and i read the winning monicker. its not mine -- its the entry of 3rd highest paid person here in the office -- thats office politics for you.-- i was really pissed i had to sms m about it.

me: hi kulit. you remember the monicker i asked you to help me with? you know what won? MONEYMEN! grr!!
m: kadiri. hehehe. love you.

moneymen -- my mental picture -- money bills with feet walking around like chickens with its head cut off. or mga mukhang pera. very weird.

moving on, its a saturday and im catching the cinemanila later, its bound to improve.
and i really have to start working. heheheh! ^_^

and now what

i really dont want to rant on mondays -- beacuse i know it will wreck my week, but heck, i cant contain it much longer.
it's starting to be a gahd-awful week, i wish i could rewind it to last sat where i went on a fieldtrip with m and to yesterday where everything is just fine -- wherein i watched EXILED with 2 great men -- lucky me! hehehe -- and i ended it with ice cream.
i cant take it when some AE i know is trying real hard to be creative -- no, im not saying im the most creative person in the world and ae's are the devil's joke to us, one of my greatest friend is one -- this is just her.
im trying hard to ignore her but ignoring her is like trying to ignore a third eye that suddenly popped on your forehead, you just cant.
i hope that the week would improve.

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