lately, it felt like i have been holding my breath for soo long, seems that i am starting to waste away. i wanted to just pack my bags and leave manila. its just that i am overwhelmed with whats happening. too much shit going on.

oh, this is not about you, hija. really. dont ever think that you are better than me. hmm... should i say your power expires when the sun comes down and esp on sundays and when i just decided to be "sick". good thing i, despite all this, i have people who love me like m and c. yes, i have her you dont. you can always pretend that you are better than me just because of the rank, but, no matter how hard you pretend, you know that you owe me. if not for me, you will still be broke and wallowing on your mistakes. but i never used the rank card like you did. no. even if you treated me like trash, you worthless primitive, I acted civilized and professional towards you. because if i didn't, oh, you'd be well on your way home, looking for a sorry excuse of a job and i will be laughing. but i'm nothing like you. i never believed in putting career before friendship. not like you. "NOT. LIKE YOU. ---and Thank God!
i used to consider you as a friend, but after how you treated me, you are now just a big joke to me.

erhm, i Need to get out. badly.

pardon the anger. =)


have you ever been in love?

i just hate neil gaiman for being right. ^___^

er. long time

i just realized... its been too long since i've written. er. who should i point my finger to??? ah.... the job orders!

so whats been happening...Check Spelling

i'm still looking for the Job.
• a friend is getting married (are you really sure??? you can still back out, you know. hahaha!)
• er, im still waiting for my trip to the beach.
hmm, i am divorcing a friend. so i should call her my ex-friend. to betray me the 2nd time is just too much. *cue in, JT's what goes around*
• i met and cooked for a lost brother *hey ecky!*
• i need to do a new postcard
• watched U2 3D -- bangis! crush ko na si edge!

yun na lang muna. maya uli.

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