Yes folks. It's true.

my dearest friend Annie does have a boyfriend. and its not imaginary. hehehe.
dont they look great together. :)

dinner at chilis

click on the card. :)


'nuff said. :)

warm fuzzy feeling!

since i am not in the mood to work on the forever piling job orders. i decided to work on my page before i fly to cebu. and see what i made. this is taken from last year's, when i went coffee with tabs. i then realized how long it's been since we last saw each other. i missed her
hey rose, see... mas maganda talaga ako sa girl na yun maski pareho pang black & white ang picture namin. hehehe.
later. :)

leaving for danggit

i will be leaving for cebu tomorrow...
im having separation anxiety...
i know i will miss more than one person.
HOY!!! dont have too much fun without me!
i'll be back before you know it.

and i was late... uber late.

i've intended to make a post for christmas (never happened).
tried (hard) to make a post for new year (again, got lost somewhere). and i have to blame it on the cannot-be- ignored job orders that just keeps on piling up and i think it has no intentions of letting up. it still multiplies by the day... sigh... screw everything!!!
i will be leaving for cebu soon. to go see my design there. (i hope we get to top the last year's award and HOPEFULLY mr president of the company will give me a raise!!! hahaha! right... like that would happen).
anyway, its late but i still want to put up the things i intend to do for the year. better late than never.
i have a lot of things to be thankful for last year. but that's another story. for now, here's my list.

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