this looks like a piece of heaven on earth. sigh... did you hear that? its calling me!

four me me. :)

ho hum... i know i have to be cracking more more j.o's now. but, my brains doesnt want to cooperate yet. and in pursuit of a good read i found this. heheh. so there.

Here goes my 4-some(s):

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life:
1. babysitter (no charge)
2. order taker at a famous bakeshop (to avoid getting burned during summer & free cakes to boot)
3. events/travel coordinator for my mom
4. artist/corporate slave

Four Films I Can Watch Over And Over Again (in no particular order):
(bat 4 lang??? mahaba pa yung listahan ko)

1. LOTR trilogy
2. pretty woman
3. forrest gump
4. wedding singer

Four Places I Have Lived:
1. sta ana
2. sta ana
3. still sta ana...
4. err...

Four TV Programs I Love To Watch:
1. house m.d.
2. csi (vegas and new york)
3. friends
4. carnivale / gray's anatomy

Four Places I Would Have Visited, If I Had The Money:
1. london
2. paris
3. new york
4. greece

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
1. blogspot
2. yahoo
3. nba
4. cbs

Four Of My Favorite Foods:
1. cheesecake (i want to try toblerone cheesecake) - pistachio ice cream
2. baked ziti
3. cordon bleu
4. tempura

Four Places I Would Rather Be: (right now?)
1. curled up on a couch, reading a book
2. my room, sleeping
3. having coffee with tabs and kitty
4. in puerto del sol with my bestie (syempre)


• mas excited pa ako sa bday ni m kesa sa kanya. hahaha. i have everything mapped out.
• i wish i have money to blow on my friends so i could throw a party.
• its been ages since i last messed around the kitchen.
• i still cant find the evil dress (and i only have a week to find it)
• i miss having coffee with m and my friends.
• i need to start working again. hehehe.

hmm... monday na naman?

it was a good weekend. it rained a little after the movie. saw "mag lovestory", kilig. hahaha. my bestie is such a sweetie, gave me a new dvd, nevermind its korean (il mare), its a lovestory. :) its definitely quality time.

i hope this would sustain me for the whole week. ^_^
oh, sorry i had to stole pics from your blogs. hehehe.
oh yeah. to trisha: FEEL BETTER! kape tyo pag magaling ka na.

insert profanity here

DAY : last workday
Time: e...
Mood: just cruising

beat deadline (check)
reward self with white pizza (check)
raspberry tea (check)
windowshopped (check. check)
tick off job orders (check)

hmm... everything looks good. wrong!
she has other plans
she is trying to make my life hellish. another revision! (suprise! NOT!)
well. pakshet.
etong sayo: di ka pa rin maganda. sorry na lang. i wont let a scum of earth like you get to me.

how sad...

"when two people love each other, when do you say enough?"

"when it's not working anymore."




-- how true.
for a great friend, almost like a sister. dont give up yet. believe that what you have is good. not perfect, but worthy enough to make it work. i hope everything would turn out okay.
pero as i've said last night "kung si j, pinayagan natin mag loko. ikaw rin puede. wag ka lang papahuli ng buhay."
hahaha. im just trying to make you laugh. will be here for you. maski di mo ko ilibre. hug.

an evil little girl called me.

okay na sana e.
wala ang boss namin.
kahit broke. libre naman mag window shopping.
okay na sana
dumating ka pa... shet.
at kinuwento mo kung pano ka sinamba ng mga anak ni adan.
nabubulag na ata ako...
bakit di ko makita ang dahilan bat ka nila pinagkakaguluhan?
tsk. tsk.
kawawa naman ako.
wala nagkakagusto sa akin.
pero kahit na.
kahit bigyan pa ako ng sang milyon.
sayo na mukha mo.

* note: please, im just really pissed and tired of hearing her and her so called fans. no, im not bitter. just pissed and very annoyed.
okay. as for my "nyah" post....
curiouskitty is a very clever girl. she figured out who the cast are. heheehhe. and dont worry, kulet. its all good.
basta happy ako kse nangyari ang mga nangyari and i gained a new friend in you.
and i just remembered what you said. no. making him unhappy/cry/frown/worry is the last thing i would want to do. i would do my best to make your friend happy.
yeey! thursday na malapit na mag weekend. wee!

coffee date with kitty. ^_~

oh, kitty's the better half of the bestie of my better half. hahaha. well, anybody who's somebody in my world knows how we get to know each other. she's uber nice. i am so glad that we are now friends (sana) and i am more than happy na nadagdagan na nman ng makulit sa buhay ko. heheheh. if there is one sure way to start the week right its having a caffeine fix, mumu stories, baby boo-boos and having her around to share it with. no wonder that m adores her. looking forward to part 2. hopefully you'd get to meet ms. jello. hehehe.
thanks kitty. monday was great. :) you have to teach me to cam whore? sorry ha, virgin pa. hahaha!
lookie at the postcard that she made. :)


"BECAUSE I'D STILL SAY YES TO YOU AGAIN..." that old song is blaring at manong's huge speakers, taking advantage of our boss being elsewhere. nyahahah. loving it. he must be inlove. (im actually singing along!).
hmm. the job orders are glaring at me. willing me to start working to keep them from again, piling up. but heck, i feel like writing. (manong doesn't seem to mind. bwhahaha).
so there, i was pondering on whatever happened to her and him and why he is in a relationship now with another girl (he seems happy). to think that she was his ultimate crush some ages ago. hmm. maybe she told him to take a hike or i dont feel the same way eklat. tsk. i wonder if she's wishing she's double jointed now so she could kick herself, for letting him go. but then she comes to me as a self centered -bleep-. so malamang hindi.
i dont think i'll ever find out what really happened, since he doesnt want to talk about it. and i don't think he would want to be in the same place as her. it must be that bad.
oh well, she had her chance. hahahaha.
basta alam ko masaya na yung guy. :)
okay okay. someone will give me the evil eye if i dont start cracking on the JO's. ^_~
and no this is not about manong and his gf. ibang cast eto. ehheheeh

a quick one

(NOTE TO SELF: make a post about coffee date with kitty-kulet).
okay, i hope that m would never find his way to this page. (hee. if he ever did. sana walang nagturo kung saan. haha).
anyway, i just rememered what she said to me about some #10. it was a "knees-turn-to-mush -moment. gusto ko rin nun. heheeh.
gawd. im hopeless.
oh. coffee date was GREAT! sa uulitin ha. thats one sure way of starting the week right.
salamat po sa siginificant other ni kitty kase pinayagan nya si kitty na lumabas with me. :)

yet another love story

a good friend shared me her story, her love story. im such a sucker for a good one. as in.
okay. fine. im a romantic! heheheh. when she told me the sory it's soo heartwarming and funny (funny=good), DAHIL... it reminded me of a greek myth. i had to stop myself from saying "aww! sweet!" in front of the caffeine addicted people. actually, uber daldal ko nakakahiya sa kanya. hindi nya ata alam na ganon ako. heehee.
she caught me by surprise, i didnt think we would get along. well duhh. i think she could make cerberus-guard-dog-from-hell roll over and play fetch. she's such a sweetie. im happy for her and him. and being the idealistic person that i am, i wanted them to get hitched. soon. :)
so here's the story: (the greek myth, that is.) enjoy kulet! :)


Pygmalion saw so much to blame in women that he came at last to abhor the sex, and resolved to live unmarried. He was a sculptor, and had made with wonderful skill a statue of ivory, so beautiful that no living woman came anywhere near it. It was indeed the perfect semblance of a maiden that seemed to be alive, and only prevented from moving by modesty. His art was so perfect that it concealed itself and its product looked like the workmanship of nature. Pygmalion admired his own work, and at last fell in love with the counterfeit creation. Oftentimes he laid his hand upon it as if to assure himself whether it were living or not, and could not even then believe that it was only ivory. He caressed it, and gave it presents such as young girls love, - bright shells and polished stones, little birds and flowers of various hues, beads and amber. He put rainment on its limbs, and jewels on its fingers, and a necklace about its neck. To the ears he hung earrings and strings of pearls upon the breast. Her dress became her, and she looked not less charming than when unattired. He laid her on a couch spread with cloths of Tyrian dye, and called her his wife, and put her head upon a pillow of the softest feathers, as if she could enjoy their softness.
The festival of
Aphrodite was at hand - a festival celebrated with great pomp at Cyprus. Victims were offered, the altars smoked, and the odor of incense filled the air. When Pygmalion had performed his part in the solemnities, he stood before the altar and timidly said, "Ye gods, who can do all things, give me, I pray you, for my wife" - he dared not say "my ivory virgin," but said instead - "one like my ivory virgin."

Aphrodite, who was present at the festival, heard him and knew the thought he would have uttered; and as an omen of her favor, caused the flame on the altar to shoot up thrice in a fiery point into the air. When he returned home, he went to see his statue, and leaning over the couch, gave a kiss to the mouth. It seemed to be warm. He pressed its lips gain, he laid his hand upon the limbs; the ivory felt soft to his touch and yielded to his fingers like the wax of Hymettus. While he stands astonished and glad, though doubting, and fears he may be mistaken, again and again with a lover's ardor he touches the object of his hopes. It was indeed alive! The veins when pressed yielded to the finger and again resumed their roundness. Then at last the votary of Aphrodite found words to thank the goddess, and pressed his lips upon lips as real as his own. The virgin felt the kisses and blushed, and opening her timid eyes to the light, fixed them at the same moment on her lover. Aphrodite blessed the nuptials she had formed, and from this union Paphos was born, from whom the city, sacred to Aphrodite, received its name.­­­­

blow yer brains out kiss

nyahahahaha. masarap kaya to?
umm. no, i dont want to learn how to do this.
* art by a deviant artist. tabs shared the link.

ahem, a line that m said to me just popped into my head. hehehe. bad. (insert evil grin)

^_^' oro!

i had this weird conversation with moonbeam. i wish i could make her feel better.
i wish shit doesnt happen on people that i love (if you are my friend, you are one of them).
she still cracks me up. hehehe. here's some snippets:

me: uy, sobrang miss na kita
i feel rotten na i cant even buy you coffee
sabi nga ni kitty: we are all freakin' poorita

tabs: i know.... how can someone so full of life be so........poor???

me: oo nga
i cant believe that we are all broke

tabs: i called myself broke when i only have 300php and 3 days left til sweldo... but how can I be a week away from sweldo with only 30php??? is there a term next to broke? like broker? or brokest? or brokestest???

me: hahaha
not brokest
we are now in the status called dirt poor

tabs: mas mahirap pako sa daga.

* so what you call that? tsk. its sad. i hope that this week would be good for all of us. sana umulan ng tig 1000. kahit isang batya lang ang mapupuno ko. okay na. hehehe.

you've given me a fright

i hope i wont get that scare again for another 10 years. heheeh. thanks again, lalo na kay k, v, annie and sa cross breed ng raccoon at tarsier daw. hehehe. appreciate it.


i feel tired. really.
buti na lang weekend na.
1 more workday.
sana tantanan na nila ako.
will have my gourmet caffeine fix on monday! great! excited na ako!


hee. no boss. i can get away with murder. heheheh. nah. i can get away with a couple of hours for lunch. this only comes once so i have to make the most out of this. should take naps. chat like there is no tomorrow. work a little. drive moonbeam like crazy. whoo. i needed this. :)
shout outs to kitty, looking forward to that coffee date (with grace? cool idea!). thanks for being soo nice to me. oh, sorry ha. i took your pic from flicker. heee.
to moonbeam, di bagay syo sad. feel better. :)
wee. malapit na mag weekend. i will be able to see m again after 2 weeks. i missed him. sobra.


i have to say that last week was trying. and i never thought i would be able to survive it if it werent for my "sister" and annie. these two knew the best and worst of my relationship with m. and they made me see that despite all i should love myself no matter what. i am thankful for these two im sure their ears are ringing whenever i complain or whine. but heck they love me.
moonbeam gave me a pleasant surprise when everything seems crazy. she is the sweetest thing. she made me cry while i was checking her page in a computer rental place. i love her so i forgive her. :) even if she didnt know what the hell happened to me & m, she remained my friend and made everything feel better.
love her. :) she made this cutie drawing. waa. gusto ko sya ipaframe. hehehe.
seriously, i was soo touched on everything that she said.
"... I'd really love for you and M to work out... What happened ba kasi? What is this cardinal sin you're talking about? I won't know what to do or how to see things clearly if I can't see the whole picture.I wish you luck in today's test... But if I can only pray for one thing for one person at one time, I'd choose praying for you and M to work things out rather than praying for you to pass the test heheh. I don't hate the guy. I just get protective at times. (^_^)"
hay. i dunno what i did to deserve such a great friend.
sis, i would forever be thankful that i have you and for being there when things get ugly. and you know that i will always be here for you. hug.
everything is okay now. i will talk to m.
oh yeah, your bro is such a sweetie, parang yung ate. what he said made me feel better last sat. hee.

ahem, i was out with annie & another friend yesterday, caffeine fix and corndogs. and mostly, trying to make o talk about anything but mountaineering. heard a very nasty story and it made me feel real bad. hearing it made me realize that i am blessed with what i have. that despite all, m loves me enough not to cheat on me. tsk. i am a lucky, really lucky. when you have someone who loves you trully loves you and great girl-friends and caffaine fix and corndog. what more can i ask for? :) round two maybe. hehehe.


"Ninety percent of being in love is making each other's lives funnier and easier,
all the way to the deathbed." -Lois Smith Brady
tsk. maybe my deathbed is near. or maybe i am on the 10% part.
you have any idea what it feels like when you lost your best friend?
or felt like you will never be happy again?
ask me.
what was my life like before you? i cant remember. it was like a dream.
im lost.
and it hurts. real bad.

blind item

i love this post. the people involved is for me to know and for you to find out. wee. i would love it if they do get together. i know. im evil. sue me.

shit happens

i was telling moonbeam that i was looking forward to our "date" on sat. being my "sister", she sensed that something's up and it's not good. i eventually told her what's eating me and it felt good to finally get if off my chest. no, it didnt solve the bugger but it helped a great deal. and i am very thankful for that.
and if i may borrow a line from one of my favorite film:
"I trust people. I just don't trust the devil inside them."
i couldn't agree more.
super thanks to moonbeam! cant wait for saturday!:)

hmmm..... interesting

You Are a Visionary Soul

You are a curious person, always in a state of awareness.
Connected to all things spiritual, you are very connected to your soul.
You are wise and bright: able to reason and be reasonable.
Occasionally, you get quite depressed and have dark feelings.

You have great vision and can be very insightful.
In fact, you are often profound in a way that surprises yourself.
Visionary souls like you can be the best type of friend.
You are intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, and a good healer.

Souls you are most compatible with: Old Soul and Peacemaker Soul

shang-hai babies

i finally saw tabs again after her trip from the US. she used some jedi magic to make me go with her. hehehe. kidding. she told me i HAVE to see her or she will have some cardiac arrest or something. nah, i missed this girl a lot. we piled up on all the stories and stuffed ourselves silly with food, looked for nice furniture ideas (while wishing we could marry thom felicia of the fab five. hee.) and window shopped and diss at 3k++ times 8 worth of shoes. hahahha. that girl crack me up! it was so much fun. i missed her. clickey on the pics. :) *thanks for a great day, t. sana maulit.

guilty pleasure!

meet the diosita --- gentlemen, free agent po sya. :)

what's there not to love?

the coffee fiends @ shang

ako daw ang kitten ni maun (mukha ba akong pusa?)

starbucks aint starbucks without her. :)

girls @ the girls room. :)

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