four me me. :)

ho hum... i know i have to be cracking more more j.o's now. but, my brains doesnt want to cooperate yet. and in pursuit of a good read i found this. heheh. so there.

Here goes my 4-some(s):

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life:
1. babysitter (no charge)
2. order taker at a famous bakeshop (to avoid getting burned during summer & free cakes to boot)
3. events/travel coordinator for my mom
4. artist/corporate slave

Four Films I Can Watch Over And Over Again (in no particular order):
(bat 4 lang??? mahaba pa yung listahan ko)

1. LOTR trilogy
2. pretty woman
3. forrest gump
4. wedding singer

Four Places I Have Lived:
1. sta ana
2. sta ana
3. still sta ana...
4. err...

Four TV Programs I Love To Watch:
1. house m.d.
2. csi (vegas and new york)
3. friends
4. carnivale / gray's anatomy

Four Places I Would Have Visited, If I Had The Money:
1. london
2. paris
3. new york
4. greece

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
1. blogspot
2. yahoo
3. nba
4. cbs

Four Of My Favorite Foods:
1. cheesecake (i want to try toblerone cheesecake) - pistachio ice cream
2. baked ziti
3. cordon bleu
4. tempura

Four Places I Would Rather Be: (right now?)
1. curled up on a couch, reading a book
2. my room, sleeping
3. having coffee with tabs and kitty
4. in puerto del sol with my bestie (syempre)


• mas excited pa ako sa bday ni m kesa sa kanya. hahaha. i have everything mapped out.
• i wish i have money to blow on my friends so i could throw a party.
• its been ages since i last messed around the kitchen.
• i still cant find the evil dress (and i only have a week to find it)
• i miss having coffee with m and my friends.
• i need to start working again. hehehe.

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