insert profanity here

DAY : last workday
Time: e...
Mood: just cruising

beat deadline (check)
reward self with white pizza (check)
raspberry tea (check)
windowshopped (check. check)
tick off job orders (check)

hmm... everything looks good. wrong!
she has other plans
she is trying to make my life hellish. another revision! (suprise! NOT!)
well. pakshet.
etong sayo: di ka pa rin maganda. sorry na lang. i wont let a scum of earth like you get to me.


Rrramone Tue May 30, 01:11:00 AM  

Hmmmm. Sounds like the work of a mega AE! :-)

fran Tue May 30, 08:29:00 AM  

yes rramone, a mega pain in the
-bleep- AE! grrr.

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